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Why KD Leadership Consulting?

Maybe you are struggling to achieve something that you really want... maybe you have a courageous dream... some of you wish to grow yourself, and from that growth, create a new business.


And the only challenge you have is that you're really not sure how to get there.


Coach Kevin Dix's wealth of knowledge and expertise, gained from leading young men on the court, will help you become a leader with even greater wisdom. Coach Kevin has a gift for diving inward to develop deeper relationships, which has yielded winning results everywhere he has been.

Coach Kevin seeks to help you find that balance between what matters most right now versus what matters most six months or four years from today.

Coach Kevin will be a differentiator for your organization, and an accelerator of excellence for executives, leaders, and coaches who are committed to sustainable growth and rising greatness.


Who is Kevin Dix?

Coach Kevin Dix is a builder, a head coach, a consultant, and a leader whose passion and gift for diving inward to develop deeper relationships has proven to yield winning results everywhere he has been.

As an IBCA Hall of Fame Coach, Kevin Dix has faced challenges, seen failures and frustration, and then dreamed the possibility of immense improvement to achieve championships.

He is a certified member of the John Maxwell Leadership Team. His leadership training for your team will include writings of John Maxwell, the #1 leadership expert in the world!

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